Is Shoplifting a Serious Crime?

Of all the crimes committed in the United States, shoplifting is one of the most common. Of course, shoplifting isn't technically as serious a crime as something like murder or kidnapping, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a serious issue in your community.
Sometimes, people assume that shoplifting comes down to "kids being kids," or that it's the work of petty criminals who don't really represent a threat to anyone else. However, it's often the case that things are more serious than they appear to be on the surface. In fact, there are a number of reasons to treat shoplifting as an important issue that we should all be concerned about:

First, shoplifting opens the door to other, more serious crimes.

While it's true that some shoplifters might not be guilty of other crimes, they are more likely to engage in antisocial behavior in the future. That's because shoplifting teaches them that there is nothing wrong with stealing, and that they can ignore the law without serious consequences. Whether that person is young or not, these are dangerous precedents to set.

Shoplifting suspects are often wanted for questioning on other charges.

More often, known shoplifters have committed other crimes and are wanted for questioning by the police. In fact, their pictures may have been captured from in-store security cameras, leading the police to the area that they are currently living and/or working in. Either way, their shoplifting could be a sign of more serious criminal intent.

Shoplifters may engage in more serious criminal acts.

Shoplifting itself can lead to further crimes. For instance, shoplifters may harm people while attempting to leave the scene of an incident, or come into contact with other criminals during the act and lead to drug use, auto theft, and so on. For a variety of reasons, shoplifting can lead to more dangerous behavior that is less safe for other citizens and shoppers.

Shoplifting affects everyone.

Shoplifting affects retailers, but also the community at large, first because it fosters crime and secondly because it raises the prices on all kinds of products – even food and basic necessities. So, when concerned citizens fight back against shoplifting, they aren't just taking a stand against crime, but also working to ensure that they aren't paying for the habits of criminals.
One of the easiest ways to fight shoplifting is by simply removing criminals from your neighborhood. With that in mind, why not come back to our site often to look through the photos in your area and see if you can help the police to locate people who are wanted for questioning. It only takes a few minutes, and your work will go a long way towards preventing shoplifting and other crimes.

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