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Why It Isn't Enough Just to Report a Crime if You See It

Most concerned citizens know to call the police and report a crime if they see one, but may not realize that there are other steps they can take to make their neighborhoods safer. In fact, just reporting witness crimes may not be enough in this day and age to help protect yourself, your neighbors, and those in your community.
For one thing, not all crimes are witnessed – sometimes, police only find out about break-ins, thefts, and other incidents after the fact. Additionally, staffing in budgeting concerns in some areas mean that police have to prioritize investigations. They know that small crimes can lead to bigger criminal behavior, but don't have the resources they need to properly follow-up on every report.
So, what can the concerned community member do? There are lots of ways you can help, and reporting crimes in progress is only the beginning. Here are five good pieces of advice you can use to assist the police in your area:

Report any crimes you see.

As we've mentioned, it's important that citizens report any crimes that they witness. Even crimes that don't seem very serious now can encourage the wrong kinds of behavior later, so don't be afraid to report suspicious activity to the authorities. We live in a world where you are truly better safe than sorry.

Form a community watch group.

In many parts of America, citizens have come together to form community watch groups that keep an eye on streets, homes, and businesses. All it takes is a handful of people who are willing to keep each other company, take shifts in the evening, and alert the police if anything suspicious is happening.

Keep an eye out for wanted persons and suspects.

This website is built upon a simple idea: that millions of people looking for wanted criminals is better than leaving it to the police to find a needle in a haystack. By visiting often and looking through the photos, you are fulfilling an important civic duty.

Submit tips to the police.

Recognize a person on our website who is wanted by the police for questioning? All you have to do is submit the information you know (which could simply be the last place you saw them, or what name they are currently using) and detectives will follow-up as needed.

Encourage your neighbors to follow your example.

One person trying to identify wanted criminals is a great start; dozens or hundreds can make entire communities safer. So, don't keep your intentions to yourself; let others know about this website, as well as your ideas, and let them become involved. The more citizens you have on your side, the safer your neighborhood will be.

When we all work together, building stronger, safer neighborhoods isn't as difficult as it looks. Why not get started today by looking to our site, and seeing if you can spread the message throughout your community?

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