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Why Local and National Law Enforcement Needs Your Help

It's unfortunate, but lots of otherwise good and responsible citizens are reluctant to help the police and law-enforcement officials to find and identify suspects. In some cases, it may be that they are afraid to get involved. Other times, they might be hesitant because they assume that the authorities don't need any assistance from the public, unless they are tracking the kinds of major criminals you see on the local news.
Both of these ideas are mistaken. Although everyday citizens certainly shouldn't be attempting to find or apprehend criminals on their own, our website allows them to look through photos from the local police departments and retailers and provide tips on suspects, all without ever providing their name or any identifying details.
Even more importantly, there are several reasons that local and national law enforcement officials don't just want help from the public, but may actually be needed on a regular basis:

Criminals can hide from detectives, but not from everyone.

Imagine you're a detective who doesn't know the current address, workplace, or even the name of someone you want to arrest or question. Locating the individual could be like finding a needle in a haystack. But, while the criminal might be able to hide from one police officer, the chances are very strong that they will eventually be seen and noticed by someone in the general public, if only enough people are looking for them.

Removing even a few criminals from the street can have big effects.

As a percentage, criminals make up a very small part of the American population. And yet, most of us have been affected by crime in some way or another. That's because one criminal can commit many crimes, and affect many people in a short amount of time. So, helping the police to take even a few of them off the street can sometimes greatly affect the safety of the neighborhood.

One small tip can often be enough to move a case closer to being solved.

This website wasn't built so that citizens would have to solve crimes. Instead, it's the recognition that the skilled detectives who work in law enforcement sometimes need a starting point with their investigations. From a simple tip, address, or suspect name, they can often learn everything they need to know in just a few days or hours – but it's up to us to pass along what we know and give them a place to start.
When you consider these details, it's easy to see why law enforcement officials are so anxious to get help from the public. Why not make it easier for the police to find criminals, make your community safer, and possibly earn a $25 gift card reward all at the same time? All it takes to get started is a look through the photos of wanted individuals in your area.
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